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The hexadoku is a 16X16 Sudoku puzzle. The solving techniques are the same as for the 9x9 sudoku.
Instead of using only the digits 1 to 9, the hexadoku sudoku uses the 16 digits of the hexadecimal base:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F.


For maximum clarity and standardization, all our puzzles are printed in black and white, without shades of gray, color or images.

Levels to print:

• Puzzles "Beginner" are fully resolvable by "Inclusion" while while admitting other methods.
• Puzzles "Confirmed" are fully resolvable by "Inclusion" and "Exclusion" while admitting other methods.
• Puzzles "Expert" are solvable by "Inclusion", "Exclusion, "Pairs exclusive" and "Multiple choice". These puzzles do not require more than one hypothesis by multiple choice.

By hypothesis we mean a supposition about the solution of a square in the absence of any logical reasoning.

For more information see: Main Menu General help.

Puzzle solutions:

For the solution of a grid of 16x16 made:

1) In the vertical menu left, 16X16 SUDOKU, click Play puzles.

2) In "Select a level and a 16x16 puzzle from 1 to 1000:"
 • Select the level.
 • Enter the number puzzle.
 • Click the "OK" button.

3) Click the button "Solution for the grid".
You will be able to :
 • View the puzzle solution.
 • Print the puzzle solution.
 • Add value: With the "Move List" button you will be able to view and print the resolution of the stepping puzzle.

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