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 S   O KV AH   MU  P    N
  KN   R AL  Y C QW M   U
 E G TF P  YALJ    K X  S
  SY V E     RCG P B  OFJ
L    D   SFTG N  VO C  HB
QT  U GP  V RDFN   I    A
IPH  X Q ENM     B J RU  
D  L K    OPXJ  M QH C N 
U   I PH O G  YD K   FT  
S    J  EF   MK RN Q   L 
25 X 25 alphadoku puzzle, symmetric, beginner No 1

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Alphadoku - 25x25 sudoku puzzle PDF to download

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Rule of the play

An alphadoku grid is a sudoku composed of 25 boxes of side.
The numbers are replaced by the first 25 letters of the alphabet.
You must fill in empty cells: Each region, each line and each region are not allowed to contain the same letter multiple times.

Preview on alphadoku, 25x25 sudoku puzzle.

Alphadoku is a sudoku containing more boxes.
Just like a classic 9x9 Sudoku, no mathematical calculation is necessary.
Only logical reasoning can solve the problem.

Property of this puzzle PDF.

• The arrangement of the puzzle cells is symmetrical.
• All the cells of this puzzle can be solved by an inclusive method while accepting other methods.
• This puzzle has 298 cells to solve.