One Hexadoku puzzle, level Beginner, chosen at random
No 568

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    C     F  D  
   5 7   B      
 A    D 9 1  4 8
 C 7  2  8    6 
  D F   3 6 B8  
 E2F  5   98D  7
 1  8  9B D  C24
 8   2B  F  53E6
  7  B  DC3  1 0
  5A9  3 7EB  4C
         A  7  5
 DE0  124     3 
3    1 70    A  
F71E653B  8     
8  C2   5   6 9 
        147E F  
Puzzle hexadoku level Beginner No 568

The solution and the online help for this grid are available on this site.

One hexadoku puzzle to print

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Rule of game

An hexadoku is a sudoku of 16x16.

Each puzzle is composed of 16 horizontal lines, 16 vertical columns and 16 square regions of 4 out of 4.

Initially, each box contains a number between 0 and 9 or a letter between A and F or is empty.

To solve the problem, you must complete all the empty cells, without using the same value multiple times in the same column or in the same row or in the same region, and, of course, without altering the initial values of the grid.

The 16 characters used are those of hexadecimal. They were chosen simply for convenience. They avoid having to enter two digits for values greater than 9.

These problems are solvable by logic and no mathematical reasoning is useful.