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B 78 5E 3  AD C0
  4  7   C FA  2
A          437  
  5   9F       8
 4  B8   E 793  
  E37C    FDB  4
9F 7  5D 3    8 
5  D F3 24A8C 0 
 8      B    0D5
  D      8  F E 
  A 9 F  67   BC
   C AB    E724 
7A 9 B1   5  63 
D CEF 7 A    8  
    E A  D  5   
 63509C  B  E   
Hexadoku puzzle, level Beginner. #1

The solution and the online help for this puzzle are available on this site.

Hexadoku puzzle to print

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How to play

An hexadoku puzzle is a sudoku grid of 16x16.

Each problem is composed of sixteen 4 by 4 square regions, 16 horizontal lines and 16 vertical columns.

At the beginning of the game, each cell contains a number between 0 and 9 or a letter between A and F or else is empty.

To solve the puzzle, you must fill in all the empty squares, without putting the same value several times in the same row, or in the same column, or in the same region, and, of course, without changing the initial values of the problem.

The characters contained in the grid are those of the hexadecimal. They are used simply for convenience. This avoids using two characters for values greater than 9.

These puzzles are solvable by logic. No mathematical calculation is necessary.