Chaos hexadoku - 16x16 entangled sudoku - symmetric, beginner, No. 1

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Chaos hexadoku puzzle
16x16 entangled sudoku to print

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Rule of the game

The 16x16 chaos Sudokus are solvable by the logic. No mathematical calculation is necessary to reach a solution. Each puzzle consists of 16 columns, 16 rows and 16 irregularly shaped regions delineated by thicker lines. Each square is empty or includes a hexadecimal digit. To solve the puzzle, you have to complete the grid, without using several times the same number in the same column, or in the same line, or in the same region, and, naturally, without modifying the statement.

Outline of 16x16 chaos sudoku grid

16x16 chaos sudoku is a variant of the irregular hexadoku. Here the regions are much more entangled than in a jigsaw hexadoku. This type of puzzle requires more observation and patience than a simple 16x16 jigsaw.

Feature of this puzzle to be printed

• Colored background.
• The distribution of the cells of this problem and of the areas of this grid are symmetrical.
• All the square of this puzzle are solvable by inclusive method while accepting other methods.
• This puzzle has 154 squares to solve.

Online PDF

This chaos 16x16 sudoku can be downloaded in PDF format.