Irregular sudoku puzzle, symmetric, beginner No 1

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Irregular sudoku puzzle to print

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Rule of the game

The irregular sudokus are solvable by the logic and none mathematical is required. Every grid consists of nine rows, nine columns and nine regions of irregular forms separated by more thick lines. Every included compartment a figure between 1 - 9 or is empty.lines. To solve the puzzle, you have to complete all the empty compartments, with a figure from 1 to 9, without using several times the same figure in the same line, in the same column or in the same region, and, naturally, without modifying the figures which were beforehand registered in the statement of the grid.

Configuration of irregular sudoku

Irregular sudoku is a variant of the classic sudoku. The regions of 3 x 3 are replaced by regions of all kinds of different forms, every region containing each nine compartments. The irregular sudoku is probably the variant of the sudoku the most seen.

What differentiates the irregular sudoku of the standard sudoku, it is that it has a very wide range of different forms. Thus all the irregular puzzles which you play are different in several ways, because the shape of regions is going to influence the way of solving every problem.

Generally, the irregular sudokus are more difficult than the usual sudokus, and the players find them generally more difficult to solve, because the logics concerned to irregular regions and to unknown models are more difficult to perceive.

Characteristics of this grid to be printed

• Colored background.
• The arrangement of the boxes of the problem and the regions of this grid is symmetrical.
• All the boxes in this puzzle are solvable by inclusive method while accepting other methods.
• This puzzle has 45 boxes to solve.

Online resolution and PDF

This irregular sudoku can be solved online and downloaded in PDF format.