1 32
  5 239 4
  96    7
 5 1   7 
   3  2  
 6  8  5 
3  2 6485
 9473 6  
Sudoku puzzle level Beginner No. 1

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Rule of the game

A sudoku puzzle is a grid of nine cells out of 9. This puzzle has 9 rows, 9 columns and 9 square areas of 3x3.

You have to perfect the grid with figures from 1 to 9 without repeating the same value in the same column, row, or region.

The resolution of a sudoku puzzle uses logic. No arithmetic calculation is useful for finding the solution.

Property of this puzzle

• All empty squares in this grid are resolvable by inclusive method while accepting other methods.
• This puzzle has 50 cells to solve.