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Chaos hexadoku - 16x16 irregular sudoku puzzles - to print

Chaos hexadoku - 16x16 irregular sudoku puzzles - to print

6,000 chaos 16x16 sudoku to pick

Our chaos hexadoku are 16x16 sudoku puzzles. These puzzles are composed of 16 irregular regions of 16 squares. The rules are similar to those of a classic sudoku. You must find 16 different digits per line, column and zone.

The principles are the same as those of irregular hexadoku. Except that here the 16 regions are much more entangled in each other.
See: 16X16 JIGSAW SUDOKU and the link Print puzzles.

To reduce the size of the puzzles and to facilitate the entry of values, the numbers are represented here by the following hexadecimal characters: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E and F.
The hexadecimal system is a digital system with a 16-digit base. This base uses Arabic numerals to represent the 0-9 values ​​and the letters A-F for the other six. Hexadecimal is particularly useful in data processing because it makes it easy to translate numbers into binary.

The site offers 6,000 puzzles presented with two shapes and three levels.
 Shapes: Symmetrical and asymmetrical.
 Levels: Beginner, confirmed and expert.

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 Download these puzzles in PDF format 

If chaos hexadoku printing is a problem, you can download them as a PDF and then print them.
Our chaos hexadoku are downloadable through the menu 16X16 CHAOS SUDOKU and the link Download pdf.
You can select pdf in white, gray, hatched or colored.

 General informations 

The peculiarities and characteristics of the chaos hexadoku puzzles of the site are the same as those of the irregular hexadoku puzzles.

For more information, see:
See: 16X16 JIGSAW SUDOKU and the link Print puzzles.

 Free reproduction 

All chaos 16x16 puzzles offered on this site are created by and these puzzles can be reproduced free on condition that the link to the web site appears on every reproduced page.

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