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28 Inclusive methods
• 1xN • 1xR • 1xU • 2xN • 3xT • 4xM • 5xD • 6xU • 7xG • 7xH • 7xN • 8xG
• 8xO • 9xI • 9xM • 9xP •13xI •13xK •13xM •14xG •15xG •15xH •16xS •17xP
•19xB •19xC •21xA •21xU
60 Exclusive methods
• 2xH • 2xP • 2xS • 3xI • 3xM • 3xN • 4xE • 4xG • 4xN • 4xO • 4xQ • 4xR
• 4xU • 5xF • 6xM • 6xS • 6xT • 7xA • 7xB • 7xJ • 7xO • 7xP • 7xQ • 7xU
• 8xD • 9xK • 9xT •10xM •11xG •11xI •11xO •13xB •13xF •13xP •13xT •14xC
•15xL •15xN •15xO •16xF •16xI •16xM •16xP •16xT •17xF •17xR •18xA •18xH
•18xM •18xQ •18xR •18xU •19xH •19xI •19xM •20xC •20xG •20xN •20xP •21xR
3 Methods by exclusive pair
• 4xH • 8xF • 9xB
Beginner # 1
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Samurai sudoku puzzles - Tips

This page allows you to continue to enter the solution of your grid, with tips for boxes accepting a single solution solution, following a logical reason.

The page will first check the current solution. In case of error, there will be no advice related to the resolution of the boxes.

The gray rectangle: " Tips for your samurai puzzle "

There are five possible cases:
 • The list of all the boxes accepting a possible solution with the method used, without giving you the solution of these.
 • The current solution is wrong. Presence of duplicates.
 • The current solution is wrong. There is a wrong box.
 • The current solution is wrong. There are wrong boxes.
 • Game over ! The solution is right.