Free samurai sudoku puzzles of 5 grids to play online
60,000 samurai sudoku puzzles to choose from

A Samurai Sudoku puzzle is a grid built with five sudoku puzzles of nine squares aside.

The rules of the game are similar to those of a classic sudoku. You must find, in each of the five grids, nine different numbers, by region of 3 out of 3, by column and by line

Each samurai sudoku from this site has only one solution. All these puzzles are solvable by a sequence of logical reasoning. No multiple choices will be useful to arrive at a solution.

We offer 60,000 samurai sudoku puzzles designed with two shapes and three levels.
 Shapes: symmetrical or asymmetrical.
 Levels: beginner, confirmed and expert.

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Choice of grids: Our samurai sudokus have been sorted so that, on an equal level, the higher the identification number of the puzzle, the more difficult the resolution. It should be noted that symmetrical samurai are a bit easier to solve than asymmetrical samurai. Indeed, the symmetrical problems are subjected to an additional constraint : To be symmetrical. So these symmetrical puzzles have a few less cells to solve. We may also think that the difficulty could be a subjective one. Indeed everyone feels differently at ease in the various reasoning used.

Why play samurai sudoku? Samurai puzzles are a variation of classic sudoku. It allows veterans to find new configurations. Beginner and advanced levels can be solved by visual diagrams. The expert level often requires the presence of marked candidates.

Levels of these puzzles to play online:

• Samurai Sudoku "Beginner" are fully solvable by "Inclusive method" while accepting other approaches.
• Samurai Sudoku "Confirmed" are fully solvable by "Inclusive method" and "Exclusive method" while admitting to other approaches.
• Samurai Sudoku "Expert" are solvable by "Inclusive method", "Exclusive method" and "Pairs exclusive method".

For more information on these different resolution approaches, similar to a classic sudoku, see: General help.

Characteristic of samurai sudoku:

The five grids composing a samurai puzzle can not be deciphered entirely in isolation. Indeed, some boxes can be solved only by using a reasoning concomitantly based on two grids.
This peculiarity is mainly in the beginning and middle of the resolution.

Asymmetrical and symmetrical puzzles:

A samurai sudoku problem is symmetrical when the cells that compose it are equally distributed around the central square. This presentation is aesthetic and does not change the way of solving the grid. Indeed, it is the statement of the puzzle that is symmetrical and not its mode of resolution.

Free reproduction:

All these sudoku samurai puzzles, offered online, were created by These puzzles can be reproduced for free, provided that the pages that reproduce them contain a link to

Samurai Sudoku puzzles to play.