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Tangled Sudoku Puzzles PDF to download

60,000 free PDF puzzles made up of four nested grids

A Tangled sudoku puzzle is built with four 9x9 sudoku grids that overlap. These puzzles are a variation of samurai sudokus.

This type of problem has many boxes that are conjoined with two grids. See below: Characteristics of Tangled Sudoku puzzles.

The principles are similar to those of an ordinary sudoku. You need to find by deduction nine different digits by row, column and area for each 9x9 grid.

You have 60,000 problems presented with two forms and three levels.
 Forms: Symmetrical or asymmetrical.
 Levels: beginner, confirmed and expert.

Each entangled puzzle results in a unique solution. Moreover, all these grids obey a series of logical reasoning without multi-choice.

To better identify areas, there are three types of PDF:
  *   White background.
  *   Shaded background.
  *   Colored background.

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Downloading a puzzle at random: 
Backgrounds:  PDF button grid.
Forms:Symmetric      Asymmetric 

Select a puzzle or a solution: 
Backgrounds:  PDF button grid.
(From 1 to 10,000)
Forms: Symmetric      Asymmetric 
Grids: Puzzle           Solution 


Ces tangled sudoku are printable with the menu TANGLED SUDOKU and the link Print puzzles.
You will be able to choose prints in colored, gray and white.


Selection of PDFs: Our PDFs are sorted in ascending order of difficulty.

Reason for practicing Tangled Sudoku: The entanglement of the four grids proposes reasoning configurations that go beyond the ordinary framework of the classical Sudokus.

 Levels of puzzles to download 

• Beginner Puzzles are fully solvable with the inclusive method while allowing other methods.
• Confirmed puzzles are fully solvable with the inclusive and exclusive method while allowing other methods.
• Expert Puzzles are fully solvable with inclusive, exclusive method and exclusive pairs.

For details about these methods of resolution, you can see: General help.

 Characteristics of Tangled Sudoku puzzles 

The 9x9 grids composing a puzzle can not be resolved, without taking into account the other joint grids.
This property fades at the end of the game.

 Symmetrical or asymmetrical tangled puzzles 

A Tangled Sudoku puzzle is symmetrical when the figures of the puzzle statement are distributed in the same way around the center of the spiral.

 Broadcast rights 

You can distribute these grids on the condition that your web pages or your reproductions contain a link to our site.

Special samourai sudoku puzzle pdf.