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Blank special samurai sudoku of 4 grids. symmetric. Colored background.
Special samurai sudoku of 4 grids, symmetric, beginner No 1

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Special samurai sudoku puzzle of 4 grids PDF to download

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Rule of the game

A special four-grid samurai puzzle is a set of four overlapping Sudoku grids. Each of these four grids obeys the classic Sudoku rules of nine squares aside. To solve some boxes, you will have to reason concomitantly on the set of two cross-grids.

Configuration of samurai sudoku puzzles of 4 grids

A sudoku puzzle of 4 grids is a variation of classical sudoku.
Crossing grids allow more elaborate reasoning.
No mathematical calculation is necessary. Only logic comes into account.

Characteristics of this puzzle PDF to download

• The arrangement of this puzzle cells is symmetrical.
• All the squares of this puzzle can be solved by an inclusive method while accepting other methods.
• This puzzle contains 182 squares to be found.

Print and online resolution

This puzzle can be printed and play online.