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Your grid has SEVERAL solutions.
Number of tests: 81
Solution for your puzzle
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Play and solve your grid by penciling in the candidates

Gray Inset "Verification of your sudoku grid":

If there is no input error, you have three eligible results:
 • Your grid has SEVERAL solutions.
 • Your grid has a ONLY ONE solution.
 • Your grid has NO solution.

Number of tests:
This is the total amount of assignments of a one-box solution made by the program to resolve the current grid.
The numbers of tests operated by the software are about the same as those of a player in reality. Indeed, the treatments involved here fall within the framework of "artificial intelligence".
The number of tests displayed here does not include processing to verify the uniqueness of the solution.

 • « Close » : Closes the checkbox.


 • The (Print the grid) button prints your sudoku grid in detailed mode as it appears on your screen.
 • The (Play in normal mode) button allows you to go to the the solution input of your sudoku grid in classic mode. You will not lose the entry of the numbers currently entered.

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