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Several solutions
Number of tests: 81
Solution for your puzzle
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Play and solve your grid by penciling in the candidates

Gray Inset "Solution of your sudoku puzzle":

If there is no input error, the insert shows you the solution of your current sudoku grid.

You have three types of eligible solutions:
 • Several solutions.
 • Only one solution.
 • No solution.

Number of tests:
This is the total amount of assignments of a one-box solution made by the program to resolve the current grid.
The numbers of tests operated by the software are about the same as those of a player in reality. Indeed, the treatments involved here fall within the framework of "artificial intelligence".

 • "Print": Allows you to print the current solution.
 • "Save": Allows you to save the solution on your computer. You can recall the game from this recording and / or edit it in text mode.
 • "Move list": Edits the logical sequence of your grid resolution in a piecemeal fashion with the method applied to each resolved box. This list is printable and recordable.
 • "Close": Closes the insert of the solution.


 • The (Check / resolvability) button checks the consistency and resolubility of the current puzzle.
 • The (Print the grid) button prints your sudoku grid in detailed mode as it appears on your screen.

Web browser:

We especially like Google Chrome.
Indeed, this browser manages quickly the display related to the features of the solution of the current grid.