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Entering the solution
Button play in verbose mode.
Button possibilities for all squares.
Button tip for a square.
Button solution for a square.
Button solution for the grid.
Button verification of the grid.
Button print the grid
Button save the grid.
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Button reset.
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Resetting the clock.
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You have canceled the last modification of the last square used.


You need to find by deduction nine different digits by row, column and area.


We recommend Google Chrome which is easy to use and displays with impressive speed advice and various solutions sent by the server.


This page allows you to enter the solution of a sudoku grid.

Entering a number with the mouse:
 • Select your square by clicking in it.
 • Click on one of the numbers in the left column.

Entering a number with the keyboard:
 • You can move the cursor with the four arrow keys and the Tab key on the keyboard.
 • Type the number in the appropriate square.

The numbers in blue are those of the puzzle and cannot be changed.
To change the puzzle to use (Back to the puzzle).


The button (Possibilities for all squares) displays all the candidates for all the squares in the grid.

The button (Check / resolvability) checks that numbers are not repeated and ensures the consistency of the puzzle without giving the solution.