Irregular sudoku puzzle, symmetric, beginner No 1

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Irregular sudoku grid PDF to download

Direct call of PDF page.

This PDF page has been called directly or with invalid parameters.
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You must go through the 9x9 JIGSAW SUDOKU menu and the Download pdf link.

Rule of the game

The irregular Sudoku puzzles are made with nine irregularly shaped areas, nine columns and nine lines
The nine regions are separated by thicker lines.
Irregular Sudoku is a logic game. There is no arithmetic calculation to do.
All boxes must all contain a number from 1 to 9.
You must finish the puzzle without repeating equal figures in each region, column or line.

Properties of this irregular sudoku PDF

• The layout of this puzzle is symmetrical.
• All the empty boxes of this PDF are solvable by inclusive method while accepting other techniques of resolving..
• This PDF contains 45 empty boxes to be found.

Online resolution and print.

This PDF can be played and printed online.