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Irregular sudoku PDF - jigsaw sudoku PDF - to download

80,000 jigsaw sudoku PDF to choose from

An irregular sudoku PDF, called "jigsaw sudoku", is a sudoku grid composed of nine irregular regions each containing nine squares. The principles of resolution are identical to those of a regular puzzle. The grid must be completed with nine digits in each line, column and irregular region.

You are offered 80,000 PDF, exposed with two structures and four degrees of difficulty.
 •Structures: Symmetrical and asymmetrical.
 •Degrees of difficulty: Beginner, confirmed, expert and extreme.

The PDFs of the first three degrees are solvable with a succession of logical arguments.
PDFs of so-called "extreme" degree will impose multiple choices

To discern irregular areas, you can choose from four types of backgrounds:
  •   White background.
  •   Hatched background.
  •   Shaded background.
  •   Colored background.

Javascript is required to download our PDF irregular Sudokus.
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Downloading a problem PDF at random: 
Background:  PDF button grid
Arrangement:Symmetric      Asymmetric 
Coordinates:Showing            Absent 

Select a problem or a solution PDF: 
Background:  PDF button grid
(From 1 to 10,000)
Arrangement: Symmetric      Asymmetric 
Coordinates:Showing            Absent 
Grid: Puzzle           Solution 

 Coordinates display 

"Coordinates" offers a new printing choice.
 • With "Coordinates Showing" option, PDF show the coordinates of rows and of columns.
 • With "Coordinates Absent" option, PDF do not show the coordinates.

 Direct printing of PDFs 

Our irregular jigsaw sudoku are printable through the menu 9X9-JIGSAW-SUDOKU and the link Print puzzles.
You will be able to select your prints in white, gray, hatched or colored.


All these PDFs can be play online. Go to 9X9-JIGSAW-SUDOKU then Play puzzles online .
This page will also give you specific informations about the difficulty of the levels and the aspects of the symmetry or not of the irregular puzzles to solve.

Broadcast rights

These pdf can be copied if each reproduction contains a link that points to our web site.

PDF Irregular sudoku puzzle.