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Sudoku puzzles to play online
40,000 grids to choose from

Play a puzzle at random: 

Select a level and a puzzle from 1 to 10,000:


The higher the identification number of the puzzle, the more difficult the solution will be.

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 Difficulty levels 

• Beginner puzzles are fully solvable using the "inclusive method" while allowing other processes.

• Confirmed puzzles are fully solvable using the "inclusive method" and the "exclusive method" while allowing other means.

• Expert puzzles are solvable using the "inclusive method", the "exclusive method" and the "exclusive pair method". Sometimes you will have to go through the "multiple choice method", once per problem.

• Extreme puzzles are very difficult. They are resolvable by "inclusion", "exclusion", "exclusive pair" and "multiple choice". Depending on the level of the puzzle, you may be confronted from one to ten successive hypotheses by multiple choice.

By hypothesis, we mean here a supposition on the solution of an empty square, thus here a not certain solution.

* "Fully solvable" does not mean "only solvable".
Example: Beginner puzzles, while being completely solvable by "inclusion", may well have squares that admit more complex solutions.

For more details on these resolution techniques, you can consult the page: How to solve.

To print these puzzles go to the menu 9X9 SUDOKU and click Print puzzles.

 Google Chrome browser 

We recommend that you use Google Chrome, because its speed is welcome in the display of various features related to our 9X9 puzzles.