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Sudoku puzzles to print online
40,000 grids to select

Printing a grid at random: 

Select a level and a grid from 1 to 10,000:

Puzzle         Solution

The puzzles are sorted in ascending order of difficulty.

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For maximum clarity and standardization, all our puzzles are printed in black and white, without shades of gray, color or images. The grids are printed wide enough for you to pencil in possible candidates.

All the puzzles available for printing have their solutions and contextual online help. To find and solve these puzzles online go to the menu 9X9 SUDOKU and click Play puzzles.
To print directly the solution of a puzzle go to "Select a level and a grid from 1 to 10,00", choose the level of the puzzle, enter the number of the grid and select "Solution".

 Levels of puzzles to print 

Our sudoku puzzles have four degrees:

The "Beginner" degree puzzles are mainly solvable with the so-called "inclusive" method, the

simplest of them all.

The "Confirmed" puzzles are mainly solvable with the so-called "inclusive" method and the so-called "exclusive" method".

The "Expert" puzzles are mainly solvable with the so-called "inclusive", "exclusive" and "exclusive pair" methods.

The "Extreme" puzzles will require "Multiple Choice" resolutions.

If you wish to know more details about these principles of resolutions see: How to solve.