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Hexadoku, sudoku 16x16
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Solution for the grid
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Printing the grid
Save the grid
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Blank grid

 Rules of a hexadoku 

The hexadoku is a 16x16 grid whereby the rules for solving the puzzle are the same as those for solving a 9x9 sudoku grid.

In a Sudoku as in a hexadoku, the numbers are used for conventional purposes only. There is no mathematical relation between squares. All symbolic distinctions: symbols, letters, numbers, shapes, colors can be applied without changing the rules of the game.

In order to save screen space and to simplify entry, the 16 possible numbers are symbolized here by the following hexadecimal digits: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F.

The hexadecimal system is a numeral system with a base of 16, using Arabic numerals to represent the first ten numbers (0-9) and the letters A-F for the other six digits. The hexadecimal system is useful in computer science because it is easier to map the hexadecimal system to the binary than the decimal system.

 Tips for use 

This page allows you to enter your own puzzle.


We recommend that you use Google Chrome because it's fast and easy to use when solving puzzles having 256 squares as well as for receiving different solutions and hints sent by the server.

Entering a number using the mouse:

 • Place the cursor and click once on the square of choice.
 • Then click once on one of the numbers on the column on the left.

Entering a number using the keyboard:

 • You can move the cursor using the four arrow keys as well as using the TAB key.
 • Type the numeral in the square chosen.


The icon (Check / resolvability) allows you to verify the coherence of the puzzle without actually solving it for you.

The icon (Solution for the grid ) sends you the resolution of the current problem.