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Samurai sudoku puzzles to print

60,000 free Samurai sudoku puzzles on 5 interlocking grids

A Samurai Sudoku is a grid made up of 5 interlaced 9 x 9 Sudokus. The rules are similar to those of a classic Sudoku puzzle. By means of deduction, you need to find 9 different digits by row, column and area in each of the 5 grids

You have 60,000 grids presented in two forms, each having three skill levels.
 Forms: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical
 Levels: Beginner, confirmed and expert.

In order to help you find your way through the 21 lines and columns you can print out our grids as you wish, with or without the coordinates displayed on the borders.

To better identify the grids and their areas, three different types of backgrounds are proposed for printing : white, grey or colored.

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Printing a puzzle at random: 
Backgrounds:    Print button grid.
Forms:Symmetric     Asymmetric
Coordinates:Showing           Absent

Select a puzzle or a solution: 
Backgrounds:    Print button grid.
(From 1 to 10,000)
Forms:Symmetric     Asymmetric
Coordinates:Showing           Absent
Grids:Puzzle           Solution

 A unique solution by puzzle 

There is only one unique solution per puzzle.
All of our puzzles can be solved using a series of logical deductions. Using multiple choice methods will not help solving the puzzle.

One particular difficulty: Besides a greater number of boxes to find, as compared to a classic 9 x 9 Sudoku, you will sometimes be faced with solving two interlaced grids simultaneously in order to solve certain boxes in common within these two grids.

 Levels of puzzles to print 

• Puzzles "Beginner" are fully resolvable by "Inclusion" while accepting other methods.
• Puzzles "Confirmed" are fully resolvable by "Inclusion" and "Exclusion" while admitting to other methods.
• Puzzles "Expert" are solvable by "Inclusion", "Exclusion" and "Pairs exclusive".

For more informations, see: How to solve.

 Asymmetrical or Symmetrical Samurais 

A Samurai Sudoku is said to be symmetrical when the boxes of which it is composed are positionned in a balanced manner arround the central box. This display is for esthetic purposes only and doesn’t change anything when solving the grid. However, when solving puzzles of a certain skill level and puzzle number, it should be noted that there are a slightly fewer number of boxes to solve in the symmetric puzzles.

 Download in PDF format 

If the borders and/or the colors of the grid are not printed, check if the "Print images" option of your browser is not switched off, else you can download our grids as PDF files and then print them. You will get a faithful presentation of our samurai sudoku grids.

Our samurai sudoku puzzles are downloadable through the menu SAMURAI SUDOKU and the link Download pdf.
You can select prints in white, gray or colored.

 Reproduction Rights 

If you broadcast our sudoku samurai puzzles, you are asked that each of your reproductions inserts at least one link to the pages of our site.

Samurai Sudoku puzzles to print.