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Irregular sudoku puzzles - jigsaw sudoku - to print

80,000 jigsaw puzzles to print

Our irregular Sudoku puzzles are 9 X 9 sudoku. Instead of having nine 3 X 3 square areas, these 9 areas are irregular shapes. The rules are the same as for a classic sudoku. You need to find by deduction nine different digits by row, column and area.

You have 80,000 prints presented with four levels and two forms .
 • Forms: Symmetric and asymmetric.
 • Levels: beginner, confirmed, expert and extreme.

The first three levels are solvable by a series of logical conclusions. Unfounded assumptions will not be helpful in finalizing a grid.

On the other hand, the puzzles of the "extreme" level require "multiple choice" approaches.

To distinguish better between areas, there are four types of print:
  *   White background.
  *   Hatched background.
  *   Shaded background.
  *   Colored background.

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Printing a puzzle at random: 
Backgrounds:  Print button grid.
Forms:Symmetric      Asymmetric 
Coordinates:Showing            Absent 

Select a puzzle or a solution to print: 
Backgrounds:  Print button grid.
(From 1 to 10,000)
Forms: Symmetric      Asymmetric 
Coordinates:Showing            Absent 
Grids: Puzzle           Solution 


"Coordinates" offers a new printing choice.
 • With "Showing" option, the grids are printed with the coordinates of rows and columns.
 • With "Absent" option, the grids are printed without coordinate.

 Download in PDF format 

You can download our puzzles in PDF format to 9X9 JIGSAW SUDOKU then Download pdf.

 Play online 

Our irregular sudoku puzzles are playable online to 9X9 JIGSAW SUDOKU then Play puzzles online.
This page will also detail the characteristics and particularities of these jigsaw sudokus.

 Reproduction Rights 

Our, jigsaw, irregular sudoku puzzles were created by We publish them in open source.
In case of a copy from you, it is requested that a link to our website be at least present on these copies.

Irregular sudoku puzzle to print.