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Samurai sudoku puzzles PDF to download

60,000 Free Samurai sudoku PDF of five grids

A Samurai Sudoku is a puzzle composed of five sub-sudoku superimposed. The rules of the game are similar to those of an ordinary Sudoku. You must solve the five sub-sudokus that interfere with each other.

You have 60,000 PDFs presented in two forms, each having three skill levels.
 Forms: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical
 Levels: Beginner, confirmed and expert.

To help you find your way through these grids, you can download these PDFs with or without the coordinates displayed on the sides.

You have at your disposal three types of backgrounds: colored, grayed and white.

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Downloading a puzzle at random: 
Backgrounds:    PDF button grid.
Forms:Symmetric     Asymmetric
Coordinates:Showing           Absent

Select a puzzle or a solution: 
Backgrounds:    PDF button grid.
(From 1 to 10,000)
Forms:Symmetric     Asymmetric
Coordinates:Showing           Absent
Grids:Puzzle           Solution

 A unique solution by PDF 

Each PDF contains only one solution.
All our PDFs are solvable by a series of logical reasoning. Multiple choice methods will be useless.

Singularity: You will sometimes have to reason at the same time on two superimposed sub-puzzles to find the solution of certain cells common to these two sub-puzzles.

 Levels of PDFs to download 

Beginner PDFs are fully decrypable with the inclusive method while allowing other processes.
Confirmed PDFs are fully decrypable with the inclusive method and the exclusive method while allowing other processes.
Expert PDFs are fully decrypable with inclusive, exclusive and exclusive pair methods.

You can consult the page: How to solve.

 Symmetric and Asymmetric PDF 

A PDF Sudoku is said to be symmetric when the cells of the problem statement are equivalently arranged around the central cell. This does not affect the resolution modes.


Our Samurai Sudoku Puzzles are printable through the menu SAMURAI SUDOKU and the link Print puzzles.

 Broadcast rights 

All Sudoku PDF Samurai puzzles from this site are built by and these PDFs can be copied provided that a reference to is present in each copy.

Samurai Sudoku puzzles to print.