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Tangled Sudoku Puzzles to print

60,000 free entangled Sudoku puzzles made from four nested grids

A Sudoku Tangled is composed of four overlapping sudoku grids with the appearance of a spiral.

The puzzle contains 72 central boxes, common to two grids. This feature brings a new difficulty that may be of interest to players accustomed to ordinary puzzles. See below: Peculiarities of Tangled Sudoku Puzzles.

The rules of the game are identical to a classic sudoku. By logic and deduction, you need to find nine different digits per zone, column, and line for each 9x9 grid.

Each puzzle has only one solution. All of our tangled puzzles are solved by a sequence of logical reasoning. No random hypothesis will be necessary to arrive at a solution.

There are 60,000 puzzles presented in three levels and two shapes.
 Levels: expert, confirmed, beginner.
 Shapes: asymmetrical and symmetrical.

To better distinguish the grids, there are three modes of printing:
  •   White backdrop.
  •   Shaded backdrop.
  •   Colorful backdrop.

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Printing a puzzle at random: 
Backgrounds:  Print button grid.
Forms:Symmetric      Asymmetric 

Select a puzzle or a solution: 
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(From 1 to 10,000)
Forms: Symmetric      Asymmetric 
Grids: Puzzle          Solution  

 Download in PDF format 

Our Tangled Sudoku Puzzles are downloadable through the menu TANGLED SUDOKU and the link Download pdf.
You will be able to select downloads in white, gray or colored.


All Tangled Sudoku Puzzles on this site have solutions available for printing. They are all created by .

Choice of puzzles: In each level, these puzzles are ranked in ascending order of difficulty.

Why play tangled sudoku? The configuration of these puzzles offers new visual layouts. The expert level may however require the help of the marked candidates.

 Levels of puzzles to print 

Beginner level puzzles are resolvable by "Inclusion" while allowing other methods.
Confirmed level puzzles are resolved by "inclusion" and "exclusion" while allowing other methods.
Expert level puzzles are resolvable by "Inclusion", "Exclusion" and "Exclusive Couples".

For more information on these methods of resolution, see: General help.

 Peculiarities of Tangled Sudoku Puzzles 

Generally none of the 9X9 grids can be solved in isolation. Some cells can only be found by concomitant reasoning on two 9x9 grids.
This feature is located mainly in the beginning and middle of the game.

 Symmetry or asymmetry of tangled grids 

A tangled puzzle sudoku is symmetrical when a rotation of a 180° angle, does not change the location of the boxes of the problem statement.

 Reproduction Rights 

The Tangled Sudoku Puzzles of this web-site are a creation of
Provided that a link to the site appears on each page reproduced, these puzzles may be broadcast.

Special samourai sudoku puzzle.